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                                                                            food grade mixer

                                                                            Product Model:food grade mixer

                                                                                 The food grade mixer meets the international sanitary equipment standards. It is hygienic and has minimal trap points for dust and contaminants.  

                                                                            Product Features: 

                                                                            1. Fast mixing time, in as little as 30 seconds.

                                                                            2. Homogeneous blends regardless of the particle size, shape and density. 

                                                                            3. The gravity is eliminated by the fixed peripheral speed allowing free particle movement thereby reducing heat and shear which preserves particle integrity.  

                                                                            4. Full opening hatch at the bottom for quick and thorough discharge.  

                                                                            5. Viewing doors on both sides for easy inspection during mixing and equipment cleaning.  

                                                                            6. Equipped with large mixing capacity, volume adjustable between 40% to 140% without affecting mixing quality.  

                                                                            7. Capacity to add liquid or fats during mixing cycle with range of 1% - 10%. 

                                                                            8. Fewer mixing steps. No premixing required for the addition of minor ingredients even in amounts as low as 1%. (Dispersion of the minor ingredients).

                                                                            9. Small test mixer units available to assist in making suitable equipment selection. 

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