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                                                                            CHEMPLANT Mixer

                                                                            Product Model:CHEMPLANT Mixer

                                                                                   The CPE mixer is widely used in  food, animal feed, fish materials, and meat-processing, mineral processing, building material, non-ferrous metal (metallurgy) and plastic industries. The product features include fast mixing time, high output, gentle and homogeneous blending, low cost, high efficiency, easy and quick discharge .

                                                                                 Products can be divided into 2 types - general and food grade. Size varies from C20 to C6000. Materials of manufacture can be MS, SS304, or SS316.

                                                                                 Mixers can be single or twin rotor.  Custom design is available for the specific product requirements to provide optimized mixing solution.

                                                                                 Shearing devices can be added into CPE mixers for different applications in order to disperse difficult substances (like pigments).

                                                                                  Images of Chemplant Mixers :

                                                                            mixing of horse feedstuff     mixing of milk succedaneum 

                                                                            25% slurry added into beet root and mixed within 25 seconds


                                                                            mixing of milk powder & liquid


                                                                            vacuum mixing    drug mixing 

                                                                            pet food mixing by 12 T/hour


                                                                            inish mixing 45 gallon liquid within 6 minutes and no block 


                                                                            mixing feedstuff Mixing capacity is 7 T 

                                                                            generally feedstuff can be mixed 2 T per time 


                                                                            it uses for dog food mixing and can feed in from 6 feeding ports at the same time which made high mixing efficient and capacity.


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